WriterPrint.com  is a division of Marric Digital Limited.
Please read the main page - especially the information in the yellow box. *PLEASE* read our Overview, FAQ and Tips pages *BEFORE* submitting a Query. . . . . . . Our priority is to publish authors who make our lives easy with clean, properly formatted manuscripts.
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An Overview

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A little bit of background

WriterPrint (and kindlepress.co.uk) is a division of Marric Digital Ltd - a business already involved with electronic publishing from subjects as diverse as BioDiesel preparation through to adult material - and quite a range of subjects in between. The main driving forces behind WriterPrint are Richard Jahn and Guy Tibbert - two people based in Northamptonshire who became painfully aware how time-consuming and problematic digital publishing can be for the uninitiated.

After managing to get their own material published and finding effective ways to stimulate sales with decent search engine optimization feeding through to the sales outlets, it seemed like a simple win-win style business could be established helping other authors get into print - WITHOUT having to go down the Vanity Press route - or indeed face endless rejection letters.

We have advertised in The Stage as well as other publications which target actors, writers and other creative groups of people. As the vast majority of our work is done in-house and we publish people electronically (a format that has now overtaken paperback book sales for Amazon), we do not suffer the same risks as more conventional "paper print" publishing houses. The benefit of this is that we can afford to be far more speculative and supportive of an "unknown" author. With our understanding of search engines and different sales outlets in many countries, we can also drive willing buyers towards the books we publish - resulting in vastly better sales figures than are usually achieved.

As we now have more people editing, formatting and compiling for us, we are ready to take on more authors now - hence advertising in national writers magazines. We will always be interested in a well prepared manuscript - but once we have the next batch of 50-100 authors, it may take a little longer to take you from manuscript to royalty cheque while we work through and publish the "early birds" first.

We are a new business - and learning all the time - but we get people published, we charge no fees and we pay royalties on time. That makes us unique - and gives you a new option to consider.

Who are we after

People who have completed their manuscript, are ready to get published but perhaps lack the money (or have more sense) than go into Vanity Press - but still want their work to be available for the public to buy. Typically people who can write well but do not necessarily have the time or inclination to handle the business side of taking their book from word processor to finished downloadable commercial E-book - ready to be read on Kindles and other electronic readers. We welcome people who know what they want - and we welcome those who are after a little guidance along the way. We do not promise to accept everyone - but if you're capable of writing to a decent standard we will support you.

Unlike most publishers, we do appreciate that being left waiting for weeks - or months sometimes - for a reply to your submission can be frustrating and demoralizing. As such, when we agree to review a chapter or two of your work to consider you for publication, we will usually give you an answer within three working days. Please contact us first before sending in unsolicited manuscripts - and read through our tips section if you want to maximize your chances of us agreeing to publish you.

...and who are we not

Just as importantly as who we can help, is the list of who we cannot. At the moment WriterPrint is a small business and although it is growing quickly, we are not able to handle the sort of work involved in working with well established authors who demand high profile publicity and merchandising. Our area of expertise is getting new authors into print - electronic print. If you are someone that needs to micro-manage everything we cannot help you. If you want us to sell your book we will list it and promote it - we are not going to de-list and re-list depending on the whim of someone on a day-to-day basis. We know some amazing authors but if they cannot keep the drama limited to their writing, we would rather they pass us by.

If that sounds flippant or unfriendly, it isn't mean to be - in fact it is almost the opposite. We prefer to work with people, share ideas, pool thoughts and find a solution that works for everyone. People who feel a need to control from the ivory tower are just too much hard work for us - so we let them see other more "accommodating" publishers. We also cannot help authors who do not proof-read their manuscript properly.

It seems a bit unfriendly

We want to work with authors - and we want to make the process of being published as painless as possible for them - but if an author isn't going to submit a clean properly proof-read manuscript formatted to our requirements, we do not have the resources to help them. That even includes established authors who are already in print and assume it doesn't apply to them. Work with us and provide a clean manuscript that is a pleasure to work on - and you will find us to be possibly the best publishing house you could find.

We are not after perfection - thought it is welcome - but we do like to see that obvious care and attention has been taken to provide a manuscript to a professional standard.

If we cannot accept your manuscript

Unfortunately, although we always try to offer constructive feedback when we cannot accept a manuscript, the fact remains that a rejection still isn't a pleasant process for the person receiving it. It isn't a process we enjoy either. The jokes about publisher's hearts being very small really do not apply to all publishers.

One of the reasons we ask people to read the FAQ and the Tips section before submitting a manuscript to us for consideration is that sometimes (often) the problem could have been resolved ahead of them providing the submission.

Typical reasons for rejection (recent examples at the time this was written) include the following - and you will notice that the first reason at least could have been avoided with a little more care.

* Page numbers left in, headers left in, footers left in, spacebar used for alignment - ALL = rejection.
* Excessive typos & spellos, heavy use of exclamation marks and multiple question marks (Eh????)
* A translated manuscript which has numerous "translation quirks" that detract from the story.
* Glaring plot/timeline faults. In 2004 Mary has her 21st Birthday and in  2010 has her 24th.

We will always endeavour to give a provisional response within five working days to a query or synopsis and within two weeks for a requested MS. We do appreciate that it is not pleasant waiting for an answer as important as this. Please do not chase before this time is up.

If the answer is a rejection we will try and offer constructive criticism. Not only with a view to possibly re-submitting the manuscript to ourselves - but also to provide other suggestions - or contacts - if we feel that perhaps more extensive editing would be worth considering.  A service we do not currently offer.

Something to make you think
(Really Think)

We mentioned this on the main page - but it is SO important, it needs to be said again.

"In the last three months of 2010, Amazon announced that in the United States,
their e-book sales had surpassed sales of paperback books for the first time".

No-one expects that trend to reverse. The future is digital - and that is what we are offering you.


You now know a little about what we are able to offer, and what we cannot. You also know we do not expect you to hand over any money to us - a genuine publisher does not demand payment from the author - though a lot of outfits do indeed try. If you have any queries please ask us - or wander through the site. We have enclosed a copy of our typical contract for you to read through so you can look at our standard terms and conditions. Our business is new - very new - and most of our current authors are producing adult material (it sells well). However if you have almost any book that will appeal to a reasonably mainstream market, we want to hear from you.

We have a simple philosophy that is working well for us - "Make it simple, keep it fair". Our logic is that with electronic printing and good promotion, there is enough money for the author and publisher to have a good share of the rewards. As such, we don't "do" small print or try to tie our authors down. We need you to flourish with us and produce more material which benefits both of us. Simple really.

And fair.

Please click here to contact us or to read our FAQ, please click here

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