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If you are an agent or proof-reader who would like a free link to your
home page, contact us with your details and we will list you.
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Featured Link: Relaxation

http://www.soundsleeping.com  has a free simple-to-use relaxing sound generator. Several sliders allow you to pick ocean sounds, rain, thunder bonfire, creek and a selection of other effects.

Featured Link: Simple Historical Research Tool

You enter your year of birth and it tells you the significant events that happened during that year - and then that decade in general. Although entertaining when used for its intended purposes, if you are trying to find some accurate information for establishing a characters past, this can be invaluable.

This company provides artwork of a quality suitable for
book cover illustrations from around 70p / $1
  In most cases the SMALL size (1 credit) is enough as the image will only form part of the cover (Title and Author too)

Other Links

Duotrope: search for short fiction & poetry markets

Do you produce a Magazine?

If you do - and can offer us a good discount from your rate
card, we might be interested in trying an advert with you.

Then contact us if you have a fantastic circulation:price ratio!

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