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Newly Released Books

Newly Released Titles for December 2011

John Russo, The Legacy, Writerprint, newly published, author, writer, thriller, novel, available now,buy online
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WriterPrint is very pleased to publish John Russo's The Legacy. First released
in printed format in 2010 and now available for electronic readers through WriterPrint

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Killing at the White Swan
Carole Hall
 My Weakened Soul - An Autobiography in Poetry
Dorothy Slevin
Arial - Shieldmaiden of Middleworld
E. Craig McKay
The Teaching of Don Vaughan: A Yankee's Way of Knowledge
Adam Mister
How To Make Your Own Biodiesel At Home - A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners
 M Tibbert
The Legacy
John Russo
Family Reunion
Nahum Finkelstein
Out Of Adilan - Fantasy adventure book for children (and adults!)
Tessa McGinn
 Princess & The Bird - A Traditional Fairy Tale for Young Children
Tessa McGinn
Flame & the Golden Feather - A Fantasy Story for Children & Young Adults
Tessa McGinn


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New Feature

Book Code
Book Title
Perversion & Persuasion - Let the Hunt begin
Collette St. Ives
Gay Sex Stories - Erotic Sexual Fantasies with Sailors & Soldiers
Danny Sharpe
Hot & Horny Erotic Gay Sex Stories for Gay Men
Danny Sharpe
Horny Gay Sex Stories For Horny Gay Men
Danny Sharpe
Erotic Gay Sex Stories - Tales of gay sex with married men
Danny Sharpe
Straight Men Who Want Gay Sex
Danny Sharpe
Erotic Sex Confessions of a Sex Addict - A Personal Recollection
Gemma Corbeek
Having Miss Bliss - Erotic Sex with the Boss
Louise Alexandra
Gay Sex Stories Vol 4 - Seedy stories about Gay Sex
Robert Nielson
Gay Sex Stories - Horny UK Scally Lads
Ryan Scott
Gay Sex Stories - Vol 2 - Erotic Fiction for Gay Men
Ryan Scott
Gay Sex Stories - Vol 3 - Scally Lads Gay Sex on the Council Estate
Ryan Scott
College Jock Sex Tales Vol 1 - Str8 College Jocks & Their Gay Sexual Encounters
Ryan Scott
College Jock Sex Tales Vol 2 - Servicing The Football Team
Ryan Scott
Blood=Sucker - An Erotic Gay Tale About Vampires, Horny Teen Lads & Gay Sex
Sam Stevens
Tim & Adam - A Gay Spanking Punishment & Discipline Romance *
Tim & Adam (part 2) - A Gay Spanking Romance
Tim & Adam (part 3) A Gay Spanking Romance
NEW SERIES - Tim & Jase -  "Loving discipline" - NOW AVAILABLE!
The Escort - A lad and his first time - second time too....
JP Williams

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* Grateful thanks to Artist Steve Walker from http://stevewalkerartist.com for giving us kind permission
to use an image of "Eye Level" in the new version of Tim-Jase Ander's book TA1001 (Now Available)

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